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Pioneered the field of User Experience.
Since co-founding The Apple Computer Human Interface Group in 1985, and as a principal designer at the Apple Multimedia Lab in San Francisco, Kristee has been practicing, teaching and speaking about this field for 20 years as one of the first visual designers in technology to help shape this practice.

Holds 2 US patents for navigating large databases and manipulating information visually.

Designs and 
delivers award winning products.
As a VP, Director, Creative Director, Art Director, Designer and Manager, Kristee has worked across multiple media platforms and across multiple channels to execute a vision.

She has also worked with some of the best known companies to generate multiple prototypes that envision the future of digital interactivity.

Created an award winning and ground breaking model for community, revenue and branding on the Web in 9 months for Purple Moon, an entertainment brand for girls.

A leader
Builds and 
manages new types of teams.
Kristee has built collaborative, cross-functional, world class teams that have delivered both innovative products and groundbreaking processes for development. Her experience enables her to lead, speak to and connect diverse disciplines together with a common language and vision.

As VP at Phoenix Pop, an Internet professional services company, Kristee built and managed the User Experience group in 8 months into what is now the company"s core competency.
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